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  • UCAS numbers support Student Property Investment

    Posted on: September 26, 2014

    Student property investment has been supported by application numbers as they continue to thrive from 560,000 (January 2013) to 580,000 (January 2014) rebounding to the same peak of 2011 (UCAS, 2014) before the raised tuition fees were introduced. With both Portsmouth and Southampton City councils having introduced Article 4 planning and mandatory licensing (SCC, June 2013) it is becoming increasingly difficult for private landlords / property investors to purchase and build a portfolio to match student demands.

    With demand for quality student housing outweighing supply student houses offered (Knight Frank, 2013) a large amount of purpose built student flats, pods and halls of residence are being built / developed in Southampton (ie Smith, 2012). These properties present further accommodation to the increasing numbers of students applying to Southampton and Portsmouth Universities who will seek student property in the private rented sector.

    Alongside a progressive increase in GDP (BBC, 2014) mortgage provides appear to be more confident in lending with offered interest rates now lower than 2007 (Blackmore, 2014) increasing the attractiveness of student property investment in either Portsmouth or Southampton. Adopting this confidence and utilising our market knowledge Posh Pads are able to help potential landlords and investors find houses suited both to investment and tenants alike.

    If you would like to find out more information regarding student property investment in Portsmouth & Southampton click here to read or here to get in touch.

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  • How to keep your Student Housing toasty warm for less!

    Posted on: September 26, 2014

    With the MET office predicting one of the coldest winters on records for 60 years Posh Pads have few tips to keep your student housing warm whilst reducing your bills and saving money. Simple changes to heating your house, looking to other suppliers and better planning usage will keep your student accommodation warm!

    Electric heaters vs Gas central heating

    Throughout November it’s has been noticed a lot of our tenants have electric fan heaters, storage and small radiators in use. These small heaters are ideal for a quick blast of warm air to heat your room although are quite expensive to run whilst the heat produced dissipates fast once turned off. With electric prices being 3 / 4 times more expensive per unit than using gas (Which 2013) turning the gas central heating on twice daily for a few hours will both warm the house and you for longer.

    The following presents a comparison on using the gas central heating to using electrical heaters:

    * Based on Which Home Heating systems, £770.00 per annum / 365 / 4 hours a day (
    ** Sust-it Electric Heating Cost calculator (

    Money saving expert ( supports the above stating:
    “Electric heaters are one of the most expensive forms of heating. Generally, the cheapest way is using an efficient gas central heating system, with a full set of thermostatic radiator valves, a room thermostat and timer.”

    Put simply using your Gas Central heating for 4 hours a day will, regardless of property size, save you money, keep your student housing nice and warm whilst preventing mould growth.

    Changing Gas / Electricity supplier

    Living in private student accommodation with Posh Pads allows you to choose and select your energy supplier; many of our tenants tend to stick with their original supplier on a variable length contract. With the cost of gas and electricity on the rise the UK government has sought to fix energy prices (BBC 2013) whilst this is unlikely to happen students can keep their houses warm for less. Simply combining gas and electricity bills from the same supplier and paying by direct debit the total cost is likely to fall.

    Using price comparison websites for energy presents a wide range of variable priced contracts. Through moving supplier from Southern Electric to Spark Energy tenants can save £320.00 per annum for exactly the same energy usage (Which Switch 2013).

    Better heat programming / energy monitors in your student house

    By programming and setting your thermostat temperatures to 18 degrees to come on twice daily for a total of 4 hours and turning it down for the remaining time can save up to 10 – 15% of energy usage per annum. Speak with fellow tenants to agree timing, setting the heating to start half to an hour before waking up will warm the house and make it comfortable to start the day then again in the evening. Using an energy monitor in your student house will allow you to track when usage is greatest, the amount you are spending and which items cause spikes, allowing tenants to better use electricity and save energy.

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  • Student viewing season: updated.

    Posted on: September 26, 2014

    Having been busy the Posh Pads team and our tenants have got the word out about student lettings for the 2014 – 2015 letting season, with our new leaflet promoting our houses and accommodation throughout Southampton. 3 days in it is all hands on deck having received over 100+ enquiries and student accommodation is being signed. Potential tenants have mentioned getting in touch and organising student houses earlier to ensure they find a better house than last year when they had left. Further information about our Southampton student accommodation can be found by clicking here.

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