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Posh Pads was established as a property investment business seeking to rent its properties to students and young professionals. With the growth and popularity of the Posh Pads brand, it soon became apparent that demand for our own properties was always going to far outstrip the rate at which we were able to acquire them. In recent years therefore we have taken on client’s properties which are also let to tenants who then enjoy the high standard of service that Posh Pads brings to the student letting market.

Posh Pads offers a “Simply Letting” service where we find and sign up tenants for a property and the client does the rest. We also offer a “Simply Letting and Rent Management” service where we find the tenants, sign them up and collect rent on behalf of the client. Finally we offer a “Complete Management Service” where Posh Pads takes care of every aspect of a tenancy – the responsibility of the client is reduced to checking that the rent has arrived in the bank once a month!


If you own a property which you are thinking of letting, or one for which you are currently seeking tenants, then please give the POSH PADS office a call. We will be happy to meet you and visit your property and to offer our ideas on the best way to proceed. This is no more than an informal chat and involves no further obligation on your part. For all further information, please contact the Posh Pads office.

Testimonials & Reviews

Kathy V :: Brighton Road

Everything has gone well since we joined Posh Pads with our house in Southampton. We have been provided with good service and tenants each year for three years by Posh Pads. I highly recommend them.